Food & Feast

Meals at WMAW

The DeKoven Center has a full kitchen and a staff who knows how to put the “comfort” back in “comfort food”. As WMAW’s on-going home, we’ve also taught them that martial artists eat BIG.

Admission includes a hot, buffet-style breakfast and lunch each day of the workshop, served in Taylor Hall’s dining room.

There will be no dinner option on-site, but there are a wide variety of restaurants accessible by car and a list of delivery places available. We will also be organizing car-pooled dinner outings.

Note: There is an additional charge for the Saturday night feast.

Saturday Night Celebratory Feast

WMAW strives to join all present in a fellowship celebrating the resurrection and preservation of our Western martial culture, as well as an honor to the memory of those Masters of the Art who have gone before. (Considering how rowdy the after-hours festivities can get, it’s not exactly a reverent remembrance, but we think that the old masters would have liked it that way!) 

The social centerpiece of the Workshop is Saturday night’s celebratory feast, which will again be a traditional pig-roast.

The feast is a “dress your best” occasion; of course, what qualifies as “your best” can vary a fair bit! Medieval gowns, Renaissance doublets, 19th century nattiness, or modern dress duds have all made their appearance, and lends an air festivity.

In addition to the fellowship of the feasters themselves, we plan a variety of entertainments, including exhibition/demonstration matches showcasing the breadth and depth of the Western martial tradition.

(Our advice: beware of smiling Germans with large burlap sacks… Don’t know what we’re talking about? You’ll just have to be there to find out!)