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Registration for WMAW 2011 is now closed. The event is full.

Cancellations do occur, however. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for the event, please contact the registrar at

These classes filled up:
- Indes is a Sharp Word
- Cutting Combinations for Zufechten
- Haupt-games: Learning Liechtenauer’s Hauptstucke through Games
- How the Hell do I Attack: Entering Combat in the Swordplay of Fiore dei Liberi
- Functionalizing Ringen
- Bartitsu: The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes
- Body Mechanics for Medieval Martial Arts

These classes filled up:
- Martial Magic!
- English Quarterstaff, Part I

These classes filled up:
- To Strike and not be Struck
- "Enter with a thrust without mercy!"

These classes filled up:
- Two German Approaches to Buckler Combat: Lignitzer & I.33
- Measure, Tempo and Control in Fiore's Dagger Play, or, Fun with Abrazare and Dagger

On-site lodging full.

Registration ready to be opened.

90% of info about instructors, classes, and schedule in place.

Instructor List posted: Keith Alderson, Joerg Bellinghausen, Charles Blair, Devon Boorman, Bob Charrette, Puck Curtis, Christian Eckert, Jessica Finley, Bill Grandy, Sean Hayes, Steve Hick, Mark Hillyard, Keith Jennings, Mark Lancaster, Tom Leoni, Rob Lovett, Greg Mele, Ken Mondschein, Les Moore, Eric Myers, Jacob Norwood, John O’Meara, Treyson Ptak, Tim Rivera, Roger Siggs, Jason Smith, Doug Strong, John Sullins, Christian Tobler, Paul Wagner, Roland Warzecha, Theresa Wendland, Guy Windsor, Tony Wolf.

Rebooted the site for 2011.

General announcement that the WMAW 2011 dates have been secured for September 15-18, 2011.

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If you would like to receive e-mail notification once registration is open, please contact the registrar.

Montage of photos from previous WMAW

Mark Your Calendars for this Year:
September 15-18, 2011!

The Western Martial Arts Workshop is the premier North American event for hands-on study of Historical European and American Martial Arts

Playing host to an instructor list ranging worldwide, and classes for all levels of student, the Western Martial Arts Workshop provides the best series of classes, collegiality and research available in the Western Arts today!

What the WMAW is About

WMAW is for anyone interested in Western fighting styles — from the Medieval to Early Modern American. Whether you are a long-time historical fencer looking to enhance your training through an in-depth class with some of today’s top instructors, a newcomer just getting your feet wet, an Asian martial artist curious about the methods of your western counterparts, or a fight choreographer who’d like to add a layer of historical accuracy to your staged violence, we guarantee that this event has something for you:


We are proud to offer both in-depth and focused classes with fresh material, taught to a professional standard by an instructor base spanning three continents, comprised of martial artists and researchers who have help set the Gold Standard for the entire western arts community.


Each WMAW we work carefully to bring the right mix of returning instructors and new faces; introductory classes and cutting edge research. The Workshop’s schedule [link to Schedule] is also carefully planned in a series of class tracks organized by both time period and skill level, so students can get an introductory sampling of a variety of disciplines, or study certain topics progressively throughout the weekend.

Hospitality and Fellowship

When you come to WMAW you aren’t “attendees” you are guests, and we hope that when you leave you will have felt like honored guests. Of course, martial artists are nothing if not intense. Add to that an international crew who meet but once a year, and a 24-hr gathering place for them to congregate, and we truly become a “band of brothers”. If you don’t make at least one new friend at the Workshop, you just aren’t trying; if you don’t make three we’ll be surprised! On Saturday we’ll be hosting our traditional feast for our guests, built around a good ol’ fashioned Wisconsin Pig Roast. Each year we have a few entertainment surprises to make the evening memorable, we hope that this year will be no different.


WMAW is a retreat! Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, the beautiful DeKoven Center is a former walled college built in the neo-gothic style that in many ways steals the show from all of us. Better yet, the entire DeKoven Center is ours for the weekend, so it is just us and a beautiful lake for four days! The instructors and many attendees are able to stay onsite, and Taylor Hall is open 24 hours, so the exchange of knowledge (or telling of tall tales!) can go on as late as your tired bodies allow.


It’s no small cost in time or money to travel across country (let alone across an ocean) to attend the Workshop. We do our best to keep that in mind as we plan the event; our instructors travel to be with us for little more than room and board and the chance to be together with their fellows. Our pledge to our guests is to work hard to keep tuition costs both affordable and transparent. Is one flat fee for all of your classes and meals (besides Saturday’s feast) transparent enough?

But most of all, remember that it is you that make this event possible. You are not just event attendees; you are our guests. We are here to answer any questions, and provide whatever assistance we can to make this WMAW the stuff of fond memories.

So make your plans to attend WMAW 2011 for four days of classes, presentations, demonstrations, sparring, and some of the finest providers of Western martial arts supplies in the world. If you’re a returning friend, we can’t wait to see you again. If this will be your first year, then we can’t wait to meet you!

-The Western Martial Arts Workshop Planning Committee